Thinking Local, Drinking Local

Kingston is a mighty fine place to get a pint. Often known for the number of pubs that can be found downtown (practically 1 ever 3 buildings) the Limestone City is gradually becoming more known for its breweries. Within the Kingston-ish borders there are now 6 independent breweries making great craft beer.

The first and near and dear to my heart is Kingston Brewing Company. As I mentioned on a previous post, the KBC is the oldest brewpub in Ontario. I will also recommend the Cask Ale for people who like a smooth, dark flavourful ale and the Pale Ale for those who like a bit more hops and spices while being super refreshing.

Second is a bit of a crown jewel for Kingston right now. Stone City Ales opened the summer of 2014 with quite of bit of excitement. Stone City usually features quite hoppy and tarty. Many of their seasonals feature very abstract and very new concepts (at least to me they do). Some of these include Yaht Rock which I had this summer, it was a very orange Gose that reminded me of the sun, another is Secret Beach, a brew they worked in with a vineyard just outside of the city, a very sweet and wine influenced beer.

These past two weeks I dived into their winter seasonals. First I was happy to see a new craft Lager! Low Key Vienna Lager had a great spicy malt flavour on the sip and remained fresh and clean in the after taste. As far as lagers go this was a very flavourful slightly sweet beer. I hope more craft Lager follow a similar recipe.

Next from Stone City is Alive N’ Well. This essentially hoppy juice makes me wish it was a mainstay. Such a great flavour of citrus mixed with hops makes this beer one of my favourites from the brewery. The New Zealand hops they used must have some extra sweetness in them during the brewing process. I would say this beer fits well with the winter, because it reminds you the summer is better, but you’re still alive.

The next brewery I went to was King’s Town Beer Company. 2016 they opened, and since then have made some quite tasty beer. I really enjoyed their Canada 150 ale. A nice hoppy and refreshing beer that made me feel patriotic and such. However, their new Simon Whit Bier made simplicity taste very very good.

Happily one of their mainstays has, King’s Town Ale is also very good. This beer is an old fashioned malty, and some how smokey flavour to it. On my first sip I first had the hint of a roasted coffee flavour, but not the taste of coffee, the smell.

Riverhead Brewing Company is the newest brewery in Kingston (that has a full-on brewery) and I can’t get over how much I love their logo. Their Tropical IPA grabbed my attention right away when Rachel and I went to the brewery on opening day. The citrus flavour is incredible with how well it blends with the hops.

One of Riverhead’s current (and not for long) seasonals is their Double IPA. I had expected a mouth full of explosive hops featuring their citrus flavour from their Tropical IPA but I was nicely treated by traditional spicey hops that was still refreshing and not overwhelming.

MacKinnon Brothers has been a bit of a small treat for us in Eastern Ontario. The little barn brewery in Bath, On have been making some nice brews. I’ve made some reviews about them on my Instagram for their Red Ale.

Another small brewery is Skeletin Park Brewery, I haven’t had too much of their brews apart from a cider and their ale, but I can tell they will provide some great tasting beer.

Now, Beau’s Febrewary has begun! I have been able to try their first weeks beer, Ninho do Corvo – robust porter with coconut and cacao nibs. Honestly, I thought after the first sip that I would get tired of the taste, but every sip felt new and refreshing and found once I was done that I really wanted another! If you find a chance to try this brew I would absolutely take the chance.

I think I’m pretty lucky to be here in Kingston to have all of these delicious flavour our adventures so close by. I can’t thank these breweries enough for all the hard work they put forward to making something that they should all be proud of. Cheers to local and cheers to craft!

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