Family, Friends, and Beer

Come sit at the bar and drink a beer with me.

There is nothing I love more than talking with people over a couple of pints. Add a great pub with great beer and it makes my night fantastic.

Something I learned from my Dad was how to talk to people. How to be friendly and how to carry a conversation with anyone about anything. While at a pub, sitting at the bar I have watched my Dad become a friend to many and share things I’ll never forget. I aspire to have that kind of skill like he has. Once my Dad knows the person at the bar, he remembers the littlest of things to make the conversation about them.

“How’s the new house?” “How is your son doing at his new school”

Things like that make sitting at a bar with him so unique and refreshing. Of course, I’m not always at the pub with my Dad and so I take on the role of conversation starter. The main thing I learned is a beer should be shared with Family and Friends.

While home in London (South Western Ontario) I get to have quite a few beers I don’t have access to here in Kingston (Eastern Ontario). Such things include Railway City Brewing based out of St. Thomas, Forked River (London)or Anderson Craft Ales (London).


Link to a post I made about Anderson Craft Ales.

Every time I am home my Dad is excited to share the beer he bought for me and asks if he picked good ones and what I think of them (He always picks great ones). The key here is, he always gets two of each. One for me and one for him. That way we compare how it tastes. As we drink the beers we talk about how our days have been, how was work or school, but also that way the beers taste. Obviously not everyone has someone in their family writing a blog about beer, and so they don’t go into detail about the hops in a certain brew, but you should! I have found a great connection with both my parents over good beers. Even further, getting to talk about beer with my sister and her fiancé.

It’s appropriate to mention talking with friends and family today because today is Bell Let’s Talk day. Now, I won’t go into how Bell and the top the mobile companies refuse to make competitive prices, but what Bell is doing today, and all year long, is raising awareness of mental health. So while you’re sitting down, drinking a beer, feel free to send a tweet with #BellLetsTalk, or call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, or just ask the person next to you how they are doing. You never know how much that can change someone’s day.


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